Subcategory: Garbage Disposals

The Franke waste disposer is a reliable appliance that will offer your household many years of trouble free use.


Subcategory: Trash Compactor

Do away with your unsightly trash cans. KitchenAid® trash compactors offer you a convenient and stylish way to take care of trash.

Subcategory: Cooking Accessories

Whether you are a casual cook or a gourmet chef, KitchenAid® offers premium bakeware, cookware and culinary utensils to fit your lifestyle.

Subcategory: Cooktop
Type: Electric, Gas

KitchenAid® offers gas and electric cooktops in a multitude of styles and configurations to complement your unique cooking style and kitchen décor.

Subcategory: Small Appliances

KitchenAid® offers a wide selection of countertop appliances in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles to compliment your home.

Subcategory: Dishwasher

KitchenAid® dishwashers are built to do the dirty work, they still bring a level of style and innovation to any kitchen.

Subcategory: Garbage Disposals

KitchenAid® food waste disposers give you reliable performance every time. We offer a variety of motor sizes and chamber capacities to ensure you get the right disposer for your needs.

Subcategory: Exhaust Vent/Range Hood

KitchenAid® offers you a broad selection of ventilation options to integrate with your cooktop or range to ensure that you find the perfect match.

Subcategory: Hot Water Dispenser

The KitchenAid® Instant-Hot® Water Dispenser instantly delivers water as hot as 190 degrees F at the tap.

Subcategory: Microwave Oven

KitchenAid® microwave ovens offer you spacious interiors and multiple cooking options, allowing you to prepare the same foods you prepare in a conventional oven with impressive results.

Subcategory: Outdoor Cooking

Sear your choicest cuts, blanket your roasts with even cooking of a rotisserie, or saute a vegetable medley into a zesty mix with KitchenAid® outdoor kitchens.

Subcategory: Oven

Down to the detail, each KitchenAid® oven we craft meets the highest culinary standards of quality, style and design.

Subcategory: Range
Type: Electric, Gas

Whether you prefer gas, electric or dual-fuel, you will find that all KitchenAid® ranges feature large oven capacity, equally large windows and outstanding performance.

Subcategory: Refrigerator/Freezer

Every KitchenAid® refrigerator has been meticulously designed and crafted to ensure that your fruits, vegetables, meats and even drinks stay at their peak level of freshness.

Subcategory: Warming Drawer

KitchenAid® stylish, high-performance warming drawers give you maximum versatility, so you can warm multiple dishes at the same time.

Subcategory: Wine Storage

Take your home entertaining to the next level with a distinctive KitchenAid® wine cellar, featuring an elegant stainless steel and ultraviolet thermal glass design.


Subcategory: Garbage Disposals, Water Filtration
Grade: Commercial, Residential

Trust in the brand known for dependable performance not only above the sink, but below with Moen's garbage disposals and under sink filtration system.


Subcategory: Refrigerator/Freezer
Type: Chest, Upright

Whirlpool freezers feature adjustable temperature controls that allow you to set the precise freezing temperature for a variety of foods. The convenient defrost drain makes maintenance simple.

Subcategory: Cooktop
Type: Electric, Gas

Whirlpool cooktops create flexibility to place large pots anywhere on the surface.

Subcategory: Microwave Oven

Whirpool microwave ovens help you put meals on the table quikly, with sensors that monitor time and temperature to cook food perfectly.

Subcategory: Dishwasher
Type: Portable, Undercounter

Doing the dishes is easier than ever with the super capacity and the cleaning power of a Whirlpool dishwasher.

Subcategory: Dryer
Type: Electric, Gas

Whirlpool dryers monitor how fast the clothes are drying, how hot the air should be, and when the clothes are dry.

Subcategory: Exhaust Vent/Range Hood

Whirlpool hoods & vents deliver high performance ventilation to the kitchen by quickly clearing smoke and odors. A removable and washable grease filter makes cleanup easy.

Subcategory: Ice Machine

Need a lot of ice, fast? Whirlpool ice makers produce up to 50 lbs. of clear, cubed ice within 24 hours.